I love to write. I am an insane jotter. I write words that I might like to use again or quotes or phrases.
Writing is a passion that I’ve found and dug up again from years & years of abstinence.

I have just completed my first novel/memoir and I am exploding with energy because ‘it’ is finished and because now I face the ultimate rejections from publishers.

I am a mother, a clinical nurse and a story teller.

Life is a journey….


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi again Belinda, Couldn’t find where to comment on your various posts. But then I am semi-blind at the best of times. Just wanting to let you know, I am sincerely enjoying your posts, reflections, revelations. I feel like a twenty something backpacker again when I pour through some of your anecdotes. Not a bad thing I might add. Thank you. Dimity

    • Hi Dimity,
      Great to hear from you again & thank you for your kind comments. The twenty something back-packer days have lots of fond memories & some I’d like to erase as well! Loved your latest blog.

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