WOrds… never cease to amaze & engage


The lights went out in the theatre leaving the audience seated in complete blackness. That is, except for the whopping great sign that read ‘eisteddfod’ It is the strangest word and as it dangled up there from the ceiling, it looked even stranger. In fact, the man sitting behind me remarked to his wife what a strange word eisteddfod is. I had to agree. While I studied it I thought it could be broken up into lots of little words, like the obvious:
Wow, I actually began to break into a sweat trying to remember all of the little words I was finding.

A lady sitting near me commented too, ‘Gosh, doesn’t eisteddfod look so weird, it’s as if lighting it up like that has made it look all wrong’.
It was true, the lighting made it look defective…odd, unreal…

The choir began to sing or rather bellow and the guitar strummed loudly and our thoughts digressed from the mystery of the word eisteddfod.
Gosh, I hope I spelt it correctly for the purpose of this blog. Gotta love the english language, it never ceases to amaze and entertain…



4 thoughts on “WOrds… never cease to amaze & engage

  1. I always thought its origins were Welsh. Looks and sounds crazy Welsh-like (no offense to those from Wales out there. 🙂

    • Hi Dimity,
      yes, I do believe you are absolutely correct. In fact, it stems from a congress of Welsh poets and musicians. Learnt something new, gotta love the Welsh! 🙂

  2. I have never really liked that word ( see I can’t even write it). I think it may be because my primary school choir teacher used to spit when she sang ..and yes I was in the front row. So by association that word = fear… not fear off singing, I love singing as my family will tell you – particularly in the ads of X factor and the Voice- but fear of bodily fluids!

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