Words:hearing them, seeing them, writing them… & all that blah, blah


We love to hear words, see words, write words, sing words and remember words…how many times have you heard a fantastic word and thought I’ll use that but you never get the opportunity too because it just doesn’t fit into the context in which you are writing or speaking or it is a word that is difficult to express effortlessly and seamlessly…

Word articulation is pure elation! We all love a good story, the power of words to inspire! Writing words it’s a wonderful thing isn’t it? The moment when your words or those of others make you feel good, it’s great really…

Words; the way they trickle onto the page, slowly at first then they pick up speed as one thought overlaps another and then you are off… galloping even…taking the field like a true winner…then you catapult towards the finishing line and the words begin to slow again, canter and then walk until they come to a complete and satisfying halt.

Then we return to where we began and sometimes re-jig them, making adjustments re-reading and sometimes re-writing it all together. Or hopefully satisfied, you leave them as you wrote them in the first instance… untouched…

The world of words is constantly changing…and finding the right words at the right moment to generate an audience is the crux for instant fortune.

So, I’ve posed this question before: are the writers the masses discontented by the lack of reader response or are the masses the readers discontented by what is being written…?

Well, I’d better get back to it, writing that is, broadening my vocabulary and using two words that I want to make fit seamlessly…


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