Hello world! Fairy size accolades


It is so exciting to be able to write on my newly created blog. I love writing, I find it relaxing and a divine way to unwind through words and contemplations.

Did I mention I have just completed a novel memoir? I am really excited about it. Firstly, I am jumping out of my skin because as I sit immersed in a sea of paperwork, I have actually finished it! Secondly, it has taken me over eighteen years to complete it (I am being truly, madly and honestly serious) and thirdly I am wishfully hopeful it will be published by a publishing house large or small.

I am going to sit back and absorb the silence in the air and in my typing finger tips as I inhale the excitement of ‘finishing something’. There is a sense of achievement and solace in completing something you have wanted and worked on for many long hours. I am going to take a moment to wallow in my own accolades (though fairy size they may be).

Words, without them there will be no more stories to tell…..


6 thoughts on “Hello world! Fairy size accolades

  1. Hi wordjotter and thank you for visiting and following my blog. I’ve replied to your comment separately but thanks for taking the time. I hope your excursion into bloggoland will be a successful one. I’ll keep visiting to see how you’re getting on with the book. Good luck.

  2. The world seems so much closer when shared with someone who has experienced it first hand: the ultimate travel on a budget. Good luck with publishing your memoir. Keep your followers informed as to its progress.

    • Hi Retired Pilgrim and thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog. It is all very daunting & it’s good to know that there are people like you who have made it & survived. I hope my memoir will be published but fear that there will be a lengthy list of rejections before this occurs. Thanks for your support.

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